// Date : 2013

// Location : New York


//  Status : Master Graduation Project

// Architect :  Vahid Ghodsi

This Project Claims the addition of the sixth organ to the United Nations organization as The ‘United Nations Environmental Council’ which aims to accelerate and internationally organize the process of becoming more environmental friendly. This architectural design proposal attempts to respond to this question that, along with fulfilling the functional and spatial requirements of the complex, how the Building - as a formal entity – manifests, reflects and reacts to the intentions and messages of the UN Environmental Council.

Parool Building  /

// Date : 2011 Aug

// Location : Amsterdam


// Status : Master MSc.1 Project

// Architect : Vahid Ghodsi

The Parool triangle is an autonomous area that is curved out of the urban fabric (by railway tracks). The plot has been filled incrementally through different development periods. The existing buildings in the triangle do not follow the order of the urban structure, but they are slightly angled to the Wibaustraat. Although aligned with each other, the buildings are autonomous elements.


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Hybrid Collective Area  /

// Date : 2012

// Location : Amsterdam


// Status : Master MSc.2 Project

// Architect : Vahid Ghodsi


Hybrid collective project is a respond to the temporary sense of activities happening in the NDSM area -Amsterdam. Now there are many temporary activities taking place in NDSM. From one day events to temporary studios and offices being rented to companies, artists, etc. This project tries to merge these different activities into one long term intervention.

Niavaran Music Center  /

// Date : 2010

// Location : Tehran


// Status : Bachelor thesis

// Architect : Vahid Ghodsi

The site of the project is located in Niavaran, one of the most cultural districts in Tehran. A music center is an appropriate complement to other cultural buildings of the area. Right next to the site,there is a famous cultural center and an old palace, and a park one street farther. In bachelor final project the large scale of the project and its dependency on many factors such as urban and structural issues challenges the student’s design skills.

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Facade competition  /

// Date : 2016 Apr

// Location : Tehran


// Status : Competition Entry

// Architects : Kasra Firoozi - Khashayar Hamidi - Vahid Ghodsi - Amir Keshavarzian

Each day, 50 thousand tons of garbage is produced in Tehran from which only 8 percent is going for recycle and this is costing a considerable amount every day. Plastic disposals are one of the major ones, causing many environmental harms. This makes the process of recycling this material crucial. In a process of recycle and modification, this material can be used in building industry such as façade.

In this façade, this recycled plastic elements are used to form a dynamic system, which can control the sunlight, air current and view for each section independently.


Pardisan Plant Exhibition  /

// Date : 2007

// Location : Tehran


//  Status : Bachelor-4th studio

// Architect :  Vahid Ghodsi

Pardisan park is located in west of Tehran, alongside an exit of a busy highway which is in sight of many people during the day. Since the site is long, moving like a millipede through it satisfies many of design requests such as open-air gardens (showed in light green ellipses), non-linear exhibitions and spaces. Two main structural elements shape all structure modes, Provides flexibility in structural forms.

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